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Learning within an organization is the process of reflecting and applying ideas into producing quality work performance, meeting clients’ and business partners’ requirements and creating opportunities ahead of competitors. Rather than just listening to lectures, learning is more about practicing and a process of monitoring and developing a full person in a systematic manner.
Bangkok Training International
message from the president
Bangkok Training International Co., Ltd. or BTR was established in 2005. BTR
is a registered consultant company, category A, with Thai Consultant Database Center
of Ministry of Finance, Thailand (no. 2647). BTR has continuously been commissioned for
consulting services to numerous projects of various organizations.
With our aim of having a part in shaping success to organizations, BTR is a leading consultant and
trainer for both private and public sectors, for instance, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry, Ministry
of Tourism and Sports, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Toyota Motor (Thailand)
Company Limited, MBK Public Company Limited, KBank and Bangkok Bank.
BTR has a strong aim to innovate approaches to organization consultant and human resource development for the
clients’ personnel to be equipped with the mindset and skills ready for both continuous organizational changes and competition
in domestic and international markets. We bring our specialty on organizational design and people development strategy to excel
organizations to go beyond its boundary. We trust in the philosophy of aligning the external environment into organization’s practice
so that organizations can do the right job for their clients and can compete strategically to their competitors.
In the decade of competition at both ASEAN and international levels, BTR, as a consultant and training company, plays an important
role as a change agent and a message conveyer for our clients so that their people can see the change and are, through our systematic
training scheme, ready with the new skills for change. We are ready to prepare you for a competitive future.
“ ...responding eagerly to customers within 10 seconds, or closing a deal with a skilled salesperson by treating customers as VIP’s are common sentences in management textbooks for decades. How we make them happen for real in our organiztion is another story? ”
our president
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step... any success starts from oneself and his action.
•  President, Bangkok Training International Co., Ltd. (BTR)
•  Advisory Committee (International Affairs) to the Speaker of the House of
Representatives, Thailand
•  CEO, Charter International School
•  Regional Head, Human Resources (Asia), Diethelm Travel Asia
•  Program Director, MA Tourism Management, Assumption University
•  Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Business Administration,
Assumption University
•  Guest Lecturers in Public and Private Universities
•  Speakers, Trainers and Consultants for Public and Private Organizations
(more than 15 years)
1994 - 1998
Bachelor’s Degree
BA, Business English (Cum Lau De) Assumption University
1998 - 1999
Master’s Degree
MBA., University of Western Sydney, Australia
1999 - 2003
Doctoral Degree
Ph.D., University of Technology Sydney, Australia
our clients
1. Public Organization
• Ministry of Tourism and Sports
- Ministry of Tourism and Sports
- Sports Authority of Thailand
• Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
• Ministry of Transport
- Ministry of Transport
- Department of Marine
- State Railway of Thailand
- Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning
• Ministry of Energy
- Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency
• Ministry of Interior
- Community Development Department
- Department of Lands
• Ministry of Labour
- Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour
• Ministry of Culture
- Fine Arts Department (Personnel Department)
- Fine Arts Department (Public Relations Department)
- Fine Arts Department (Planning Department)
- Fine Arts Department (Office of the Fine Arts Secretariat)
- Fine Arts Department (The 12th Regional Office of Fine Arts,
  Nakhon Ratchasima)
• Ministry of Industry
- Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry
• Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
- Public Health Nursing Division
• Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)
2. Private Organization
• Chaipattana Transportation Chiangmai Co., Ltd.
• Drukair
• Prinsiri Public Company Limited
• Paradise Park Co., Ltd.
• Bank of Bhutan
• MBK Public Company Limited
1. Public Organization
• Ministry of Transport
• Department of Tourism
• Marine Department
• Department of Rural Roads
• Department of Lands
• Fine Arts Department, (Office of the Secretariat)
• Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand
• Krungthai Bank
• Pawnshop
• National Institute for Emergency Medicine
• Kasetrathikarn Institute
• The Prime Minister's Office
• Thai Industrial Standards Institute
2 .Private Organization
• Bangkok Bank
• KBank
• Dairy Plus Co., Ltd. and Dutch Mill Co., Ltd.
• Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.
• Thai Air Asia Co., Ltd. (Accounting & Finance Department)
• Hoya Lens Thailand Co., Ltd.
• Central Marketing Group (CMG)
• Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd.
• Perfect Companion Group Co., Ltd.
• Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) Pcl
• Epson Thailand Co., Ltd.
• San Paulo Hua-Hin Hospital
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Products & solutions
  • BTR’s model of ‘4D system’ is our philosophy for both consulting and training.

    Diagnose the organizations in
    details by an in-depth data
    collection approach.


    Design strategically activities
    for your people’s behavioral


    Deliver effective consulting
    and training programs.

    After the training is done, monitor and assess the participants to provide more feedback so that a new behavior is maintained. It is our double-action way of consulting and training.

    In preparing organizations to be successful, BTR has delivered a number of learning programs for organizations to choose from. The programs which are in demand, for examples:
    1. Service Standard Program
    • A set up of service system or service standard procedure
    • A design of service elements to delight customer contact point
    • A design of Service Level Agreement/KPI
    • A review of the roles of service providers and service managers
    • Performance assessment system and motivation activities for enhancing service quality
    2. Salesperson Development Program
    • A review of capacity and qualifications, skills and competencies of salespersons
    • A review of sales and marketing roles
    • A development of standardized sales training program, learning activities and assessments
    • A development of sales KPI
    • Campaigning for quality sales service and achieving sales target
    3. Performance Management Program
    • Work functions/job description review and performance assessment system review
    • Campaigning to drive positive attitudes towards performance assessment
    • Conveying the use and the benefits of performance assessment
    • An agreement of level and dictionary to assess work performance and competency
    • Campaigning to apply performance assessment into performance management
    4. Management Development Program
    • A review/design for managerial skills and competency : level and dictionary
    • A development of management pre-positioning program
    • A design of integrated management scheme for driving organization’s goals
    • A design of program for transferring management principles into practice
    • A design of program to enhance leader’s communication skills
    5. Organization Preparation for ASEAN Project
    • Determining expertise and capacity of the organization/entrepreneur in ASEAN Community
    • A design of competitive and organizational development strategies for ASEAN Community
    • A human resources development program for ASEAN
    • Case studies for ASEAN Community understanding (e.g. Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar)
  • 1. Training programs must meet participant’s needs and allow them to improve their current work situation better.
    2. Training programs must enhance understandings of their work practice and actively sponsor organizational values.
    3. There must be follow-up sessions and assessment as to provide feedback to participants to further develop their skills.
    4. Training programs must be a roadmap to allow participants to see the direction of their training. They should see how to apply what they learn in each lesson into what they are working on.
    Programs are as below
    1. Sales Training Program
    • Consultative Sales Skills
    • Consultative Sales Skills (Corporate and B2B Clients)
    • Relationship Manager Sales Skills
    • Closing Sales Skills: Sales Negotiation and Solid Advice
    • Sales Report Preparation
    • Daily Sales Operations Management
    • Marketing Promotion and Sales Strategy
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Personality for Professional Salesperson
    • Complaints Management
    • Sales and Marketing Management for Sales/Marketing Managers (Executive Program)
    2. Marketing Training Program
    • Marketing Principles and Marketing 3.0
    • Marketing Communication
    • Branding
    • Marketing for Service Industry
    • Public Relations
    • Marketing and Sales for Corporate & B2B Clients (Executive Program)
    3. Service Training Program
    • Quality Service Development
    • Service Excellence
    • Strategic Service Management
    • Personality for Professional Service Personnel
    • Service Management Principles
    4. Human Resource Program
    • Human Resource Management
    • Human Resource Development
    • Strategic Planning on Human Resource Management
    • Training Roadmap
    • Interviewing and Recruitment Strategy
    • Performance Management
    • Benefits and Compensation Management
    • Coaching and Monitoring
    • Train the Trainers
    • Leadership for Managers
    • Personality of Executives and Leaders
    • Strategic Leadership (Executive Program)
    5. Entrepreneurship Training Program
    • Entrepreneurship Principles
    • Entrepreneurship Management Principles
    • Finance/ Accounting for Business Owners
    • Marketing/Sales for Business Owners
    • Production and Operations Management for Business Owners
    6. ASEAN Training Program
    • Business Competitiveness in ASEAN
    • Entrepreneurship and ASEAN
    • Multicultural Management in ASEAN
    • Marketing and Market Competition in ASEAN
    • Human Resource Management in ASEAN
    7. Quality Management Program
    • Quality System and Quality Management System (ISO)
    • Roles and Responsibilities in Quality Management System (ISO)
    • Quality Improvement Tools (5S and Horenso)
    8. Core Competency Enhancement Program
    • Team Work and Team Building
    • Result-oriented Competency Development
    • Service Mind Competency Development
    • Professional-expertise Competency Development
    • Professional Ethics Competency Development
    9. Management Program
    • Management Pre-Positioning Program
    • POSDCORB for Professional Development
    • POSDCORB for Management (Executive Program)
    • Positive Attitudes and Team
    • Strategic Management
    • Contemporary Organization Management
    10. Language and Communication Program
    • Effective Meeting and Communication Skills
    • Strategic Presentation
    • Public Speaking
    • Communicative English (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)
    • English for Business (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)
    • Email Correspondence in English (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)
    • English for Meetings and Presentations
    • English for Executives
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" BTR is your business partner, providing advice, consultation and training. We learn about your situation and diagnose issues professionally. We craft strategies that can facilitate you and your organization to grow in a competitive way. "